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With 35 years of experience in the Industry, the Founder and Director of this company has fast become a force to be reckoned with.

Armand Trollip has a total of 18 years of Private Investigation and 5 years as Police Officer experience in his résumé, after having had his first P.I. company from 1991 - 2003 (C.I.A - Corporate Investigation Agency).


After having had numerous requests from his previous client base, Armand Trollip re-entered in 2007 the Private Investigation Industry. Theo Carter has joined our forces in 2012 as a partner in the industry with his vast 20 year experience in the SAPS.

He is a person with high ethical values and professionalism and will take good care of every client's need.


We are aware that most people get nervous when speaking with a Private Investigator and that the initial call can at times be a big decision and for this reason we offer a friendly, reassuring and sympathetic ear.

We will never rush the call and always allow the client to determine the pace of the conversation



Our aim at Quest Investigation Agency is to provide all of our clients, both private and corporate, with a very high level of service and commitment and deliver it to them in the most efficient and proficient way possible. With many years combined investigating experience and over 17 years of trading, our company has earned an enviable reputation for being totally professional, diligent and scrupulous in its’ actions.


In this day and age everything is in an advanced stage… the technology, the economy and even the criminals. Nothing is what it appears to be anymore. n the unity of marriage spouses are being dishonest, in the workplace employees are defrauding employers out of their money, in social circuits your best trusted friend could be a psycho killer� You don’t want to get entangled in this web of deception, lies and criminal activity. Trust Quest Investigation Agency to provide a solution to your problem, protect yourself and/or your assets.
Our office was struggling to ascertain the whereabouts of a debtor for more than one (1) year. We decided to then utilise the services of Quest Investigation Agency. From the commencement of the services, we have been treated with importance, honesty and no hidden agendas. Our debtor, in a matter of no time, was drinking coffee with Armand on the deck of his farmhouse; whilst we were informed of progress every step of the way. Our office will in future endeavour to utilise this service provider as we see results.
Christelle Lourens