SIGNS OF A unfaithful partner

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Not knowing things that could profoundly affect your life can be very stressful. At Quest Investigation Agency, we offer peace of mind by providing accurate information to confirm or deny suspicions. We propose various ways to investigate your situation, considering your personal circumstances and providing appropriate advice.

10 Signs of a cheater!

1. Watch the signs

Have you noticed a recent change in your partner's behavior? Are they working out more, dressing better, or using a new evening perfume? These changes might seem spontaneous and without any clear reason.

2. Drop by unannounced

Every now and then, drop by their workplace unexpectedly or come back home early. Don’t make it obvious that you’re checking up on them. Instead, always have a good reason to walk in unannounced. If your partner is hiding something, they might act surprised or even angry.

3. Monitor phone activity

Does your partner carry their cell phone with them everywhere, even for a quick trip to another room? If that’s happening in your relationship, it might be a sign they’re hiding something. Take a look at their phone when you get the chance, especially when it’s charging.


4. Follow after a fight

Some partners might intentionally try to pick fights, slam the door, and walk away because it provides an excuse to leave the house.

5. Check their recycle bin

The garbage is a great place to dispose of things. And sometimes, it also has a lot of clues. If your partner is on the computer often, check the computer’s recycle bin often. Chances are, there may be another person’s photo or a little snippet of information that could be of some use.

Why do people cheat?

Quest Investigations Group offers specialized investigative services tailored to uncover instances of infidelity discreetly and professionally. With a dedicated team of experienced private investigators proficient in surveillance and evidence-gathering techniques, Quest Investigations Group assists individuals confronting suspicions in their relationships. Understanding that people may seek outside relationships for various reasons, the company approaches each case with empathy and sensitivity. They recognize that it’s okay to seek help when dealing with suspicions, and their comprehensive approach provides clients with clarity and support. Beyond uncovering information, Quest Investigations Group emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance during emotionally challenging times, ensuring that clients feel empowered to make informed decisions about their relationships. 

6. Spontaneous intimacy

If your partner comes home late from an unexpected delay, try to initiate a spontaneous and affectionate moment when they get back. If they react negatively or seem unusually tired, it could be a sign that something is amiss

7. Does your partner want space?

Space is something all of us need in a relationship, whether we accept it or not. But has your partner started becoming unusually protective about their personal space recently? Do they avoid answering questions about where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing?

8. Changes in schedule

Suddenly, your partner may start spending many evenings at work or attending frequent social events with friends. If your partner never includes you in these plans or claims to be busy with work but still appears refreshed and cheerful when they return home, it could be a sign to take notice of.

9. Change your sleeping habits

If your partner's sleeping patterns suddenly change, with them staying up late for work or sneaking around at night, it could signal something's amiss. Pretend to be asleep and observe to see if there are any unusual activities.

10. Grooming habits

Changes in grooming habits, such as meticulous grooming 'down there,' can be a sign of something amiss in a relationship. If your partner suddenly starts paying excessive attention to their appearance without involving you, it may warrant further consideration."