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Our Vision is to provide a service that is secure, discreet, and trustworthy for our clients, be it in the workplace or within a marriage.
This is where a detective agency and private investigators can play a vital role, by obtaining concrete evidence and removing any element of doubt. 
As a leader in the field of Private Investigations, Quest Investigations Agency’s team of highly skilled private detectives offers a range of private eye services designed to meet the needs of each individual client.



Offering monitoring of individuals for marital or domestic legal matters, gathering information for insurance or disability claims, or conducting covert inquiries. Whether it involves unfaithful spouses or partners, insurance deceit, workers’ compensation disputes, stolen property, personal injury, employee dishonesty, counterfeit products, general deception, or corporate espionage, there’s no superior method for gathering and documenting accurate facts than through undeniable video and/or photographic proof.

Murder is a profound tragedy for the loved ones of the victim and society as a whole, and it is treated with utmost seriousness by law enforcement agencies. Investigations are initiated in any suspicious death, and rigorous procedures are followed to gather evidence and interview suspects. This ensures that the case can proceed through the legal system successfully. At Quest Investigation Agency, our investigators receive specialized training to handle evidence effectively and maintain crime scene integrity. We prioritize professionalism and discretion in all aspects of our work.

Tracking & tRACING

At Quest Investigation Agency, we offer the installation of tracking devices to help you monitor the whereabouts of your vehicle at all times. This tracking solution can be a cost-effective alternative to surveillance, eliminating the need for hourly charges typically associated with investigator services. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of the subject being aware of being tracked, especially for those who are partially conscious of their surroundings. Our discreet tracking system allows you to monitor your vehicle discreetly, providing added security against car theft. This service is available across South Africa.

Our systems offer solutions to numerous companies, ensuring constant visibility of employee whereabouts. Fleet tracking is a widely adopted method for monitoring both employees and vehicles effectively. Our car tracking equipment can be discreetly installed either inside or outside the vehicle. The installation of a GPS car tracking system is simple and swift, allowing you to conceal the device anywhere within your car. Drivers will remain unaware of the presence of the surveillance device and will not be able to detect it. Once installed, the tracking device is activated and ready to report. It remains inactive while the vehicle is stationary and activates automatically when the vehicle is in motion, providing real-time updates on location, speed, and direction.

We provide diverse approaches to debtor tracing tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our extensive experience and problem-solving capabilities have positioned us as a leader in the market, equipped with intelligence and insight to effectively address our clients’ challenges. Whether handling cases individually or in large volumes, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the highest standard of service. We strive to understand our clients’ needs thoroughly, offering tailored solutions and advising them on available options. Additionally, we aim to provide comprehensive reporting and reliable statistics to ensure transparency and accountability in our work.

Quest Investigation Agency specializes in locating hidden assets, whether they are within Southern Africa or anywhere worldwide. For example, if you are engaged in divorce proceedings and suspect that your partner is withholding assets, we can help uncover the truth. Our search includes locating investments, properties, company directorships, and shares. We conduct searches in most countries globally or focus on specific regions where assets are believed to be located.

Additional Services

Our emphasis is on discreet, unobtrusive protection no matter what the level of risk, allowing our clients to enjoy their visit to Africa be it business, pleasure or both. Allow our teams to handle your transportation, tours, pick-ups and events. All C.P.O’s (Close Protection Officers) are trained in advanced driving techniques, emergency first aid and are completely proficient in protocol and etiquette. This ensures that they are suited to any environment. Why take the chance when you can leave all the risk and hassle to our team of professional bodyguards and risk consultants?

Statement Analysis is a learned technique used to examine a person’s words to detect concealed information, missing information, and whether the information that person has provided is true or false.Any time someone is lying or withholding sensitive information, their words will betray them.When people speak, they give out far more information than they realize. Deliberately omitting or manipulating facts will affect the way in which a person usually uses language. The trained analyst will detect misuse, the lack of pronouns, and abuse of the general rules of Statement Analysis.

In some of our cases the clients require the information to be used in a court of law as evidential information and to assist in a financial settlement. This is obviously more relevant in a divorce case and we can, if required, assist you by helping prepare the evidence in a format suitable for the court, or if you wish we can work with your solicitor or counsel to further assist.

Gender-Based Violence encompasses various forms of harm, including neglect, abuse, rape, molestation, human trafficking, or sexual exploitation. According to the law, anyone who suspects that a child’s physical or mental health or welfare has been adversely affected by abuse or neglect must promptly report it.


We had been attempting , unsuccessfully for weeks, to collect outstanding money from a client. We then enganed the services of private investigator Armand Trollip. We supplied him only the clients telephone number and he collected the outstanding amount from her within a period of 4 days which was remarkable. We will most certainly make use of the services provided by Quest Investigation Agency.
Maria Gough
Pasquale Hair Creations.

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Our office was struggling to ascertain the whereabouts of a debtor for more than one (1) year. We decided to then utilise the services of Quest Investigation Agency. From the commencement of the services, we have been treated with importance, honesty and no hidden agendas. Our debtor, in a matter of no time, was drinking coffee with Armand on the deck of his farmhouse; whilst we were informed of progress every step of the way. Our office will in future endeavour to utilise this service provider as we see results.
Christelle Lourens